Not What it Seems

Don’t take my responsiveness as desperation
For I have almost lost lives for being unresponsive.

Don’t take my illness as burden
For my scars and wounds are what made me strong.

Don’t take my history as baggage
For those stories are what taught me my values.

Don’t take my vulnerability as weakness
For it takes true courage to speak out in spite of fear.


Breaking Down the Walls

For many years I built walls,
Suited up in heavy armour;
Protected myself from hurt
Immunized myself from pain.

I let few in,
Perhaps I let in none.
Spent years choosing emptiness
For feeling was too hard.

Those who cared
Pounded on my walls
Tried to break them down,
Pull me out of my fears.

In time I saw what I’ve missed,
Saw what I had to give.
I stepped out of my armour,
Climbed out of my wall.

I wish this ends with a happy ending
But it ends with a harsh fall.
Rejection stings
The hurt from a new wound
Dredging up pain from old scars.

But I would still choose this
Over feeling nothing.
Dropping the armour
Breaking down the walls.
I emerge anew

Let me embrace it all,
With everything in between.

Simple Lessons

Stepping back on the mat
The months of rest
so immediately evident.
The poses once so easy and comfortable
A challenge once again.

Defeat sinks in
Anger follow suit
Moving backwards is a feeling
I’ve never learned to work well with

Perservere through practice
And a lesson becomes clear
Isn’t this like the journey of life?
We go, we fall, we pick ourselves up
We stand up, we keep going even if we fall again?

Be Self Compassionate.
Live in the process and the growth.

Such simple lessons;
Such a challenge to fully embrace.
Breathe again. It’s ok.
Acceptance is what it takes.

Happiness, Please Stay

Who can blame me for wanting to beg
Happiness to stay another day
To revel in a state of joy and peace,
That’s so long been out of reach.
To remember what’s its like to be alive and living
Dancing freely to the music within.

But late at night,
Insomnia knocks,
Pounding on the door
Panic sets in,
The mind buzzing with fear –
Is this a stray guest for the night
Or a forecast of unwelcomed guests
Returning to crash the party?

Who can blame me for wanting to beg
Happiness to stay forever.
To be able to smile and laugh
And soak in each day
With a glowing light
That’s shines from within.

Nights that Only I Know

3 A.M.
Tossing and turning, head spinning
The brain working at speeds
Higher than the most productive days
Spitting out toxic, unhealthy thoughts
Relentlessly taunting

4 A.M.
Eyes wide open, trying to silence the mind
Knowing a poor night’s sleep
Is often the start of a downward spiral
The shadow of the black dog looming
Endlessly falling

5 A.M.
Anger rising, turning aggressively in bed
The voices continue to blame and chastise
Challenging my ability to live my life when I
Can’t even manage a restful night
Intensely feeling

6 A.M.
Mind slowing down, eyes feeling heavy
Fatigue dawns on me as the panic of
Needing to wake in an hour also sets in
Drifting in and out of a wakeful sleep
Restlessly drifting

7 A.M.
The alarm sounds, the day must continue
Rising from bed, going through the motions
I throw on some clothes and grab all that is needed
Make it through the door towards a day that’s waiting.
Barely functioning

The sun shines brightly
Shedding hope on the dark night behind
These nights that have become so familiar
These nights that only I know.

The warmth breaks down the fatigue
Letting in a glimmer of hope.
New thoughts echoing clearly:
Be patient. Have Trust.
This soon will pass.